Do Jews Have a Divine Right to Israel’s Land? John Piper and David Brickner debate

We are excited to give you a share that Christianity Today‘s online magazine is featuring a very key exchange between David Brickner and John Piper. The two men masterfully unpack the often volatile subject of Israel and the Land and provide a real basis for understanding why the topic can be so divisive and how we can move forward. They don’t agree on everything, but respond with grace and even good humor to one another’s positions.

We think you will be fascinated to read this four-installment exchange. Here is the series on We hope that readers like you will stimulate further conversation by adding your comments to the article.

Christianity Today hopes to put a compilation of the four letters into print form at a later date.

Read the articles on by clicking the links below:

  1. Do Jews Have a Divine Right to Israel’s Land?
  2. How to Treat a Rebellious Israel
  3. God Doesn’t Keep Jews in a Pickle Jar
  4. Why Israel Exists ‘for the Palestinians’—and the Rest of the World


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